Applying some agile principles to managing marketing programs, when adding one meeting kills others

For about a year my current marketing team has instituted a practice of a “Daily Sync”, similar but not identical to the concept of a daily stand-up meeting in Agile development. Coming from an engineering management background it was more of an experiment for me to see if the benefits of stand-up meetings for development would transfer to a marketing team. I’m always willing to try something, learn from it and if necessary drop the idea if it doesn’t work. In our case our Daily meetings have gone well and resulted in fewer meetings overall. I do ask the team if the meetings are useful, and they do say they are … but since I’m the “boss” I do worry sometimes if people are just saying it because it’s me asking. Since the meetings tend to be pretty dynamic and everybody participates I’m assuming they are serving their purpose for now.

Our team is split across 4 cities in the US so we make use of video conferencing for our meetings (Skype, Google Hangouts, WebEx would all do the trick) and they’re scheduled for 30 minutes. Some days we go over what each person is doing, other days we tend to focus on one area and people bring up issues and ideas by exception.

This daily sync has ultimately sped up our decision making time, resulted in eliminating per project weekly meetings and just connected our distributed team better. By using a video conference the body language and visual queues are obvious and ability to quickly collaborate on documents to knock out any edits or ideas is great. I’m on plenty of audio conferences on a daily basis too and they just aren’t the same (of course a video conference isn’t always practical, but tools like Google Hangouts do allow you to call in a participant by phone while others are on video).

If you’re a marketing team working on multiple programs (remote or at the same office) try it out, a quick 30 minute daily sync and see if you can also get rid of all the detailed project review meetings and eliminate those never ending e-mail threads 🙂