Zero to Sixty in 2.5 Months … Boston Marathon in 3 Days

Looks like I’ve finally managed to get back into somewhat of a training routine over the last couple of months. It’s been a ramp from an 8 mile long run to a couple of 20 mile long runs and now the Boston Marathon in 3 days. I’m pretty pleased with where my fitness is. Starting back up in February I wasn’t sure if I’d manage to run regularly with a new job, moving into a new house, and quite a few other life events. Being confident I can cover the distance is a great stepping stone to get my fitness back to try and run another fast marathon at CIM in December.

So what does Boston 2012 hold for me? I sincerely hope a somewhat comfortable 26.2 miles. This won’t be an all out effort but also not a slow jaunt. If things go as I would like to I’ll come in around 3:15, which is not a sure thing these days. The most important thing is to keep my eye on the prize which is to keep healthy, and recover quickly so I can come out of Monday, keep running regularly to continue to build my base and get a nice 7 month training season for CIM.

The great thing about Boston is … well it’s the Boston Marathon. The course has great support on the route and a unique atmosphere. It’ll be nice to be able to enjoy the event and not get wrapped up with all the nerves of trying to PR. I’m also looking forward to seeing the sea of Rogue singlets and outfits out and about in Boston and during the race. Tracy, Larry, Jim, Asia and everybody else from Rogue heading to Boston … have a great run, you’ve all put in the work and will kick ass.


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