Still running thanks to …

Well the credit goes to Asia, not just for getting me to wake up and run but also for keeping me running. Since May my weekly mileage has been 46, 46, 53, 57, 66 (Madison Marathon), 43, 63, 70 In addition to the miles the gym has become a regular part of the week. At the gym I can finally keep up, well almost, with Asia’s core workout. Her “suit-cases” still make me cringe; as she’s doing 20 of them I stop at 10. This is much better than a month ago when I would cut most things in half and beg to stop at 2 sets instead of 3. She would oblige and then I’d eat some ice cream when we get home, now the little blue bell ice cream packs and cones are finished that little treat has ended. Guess I’m really training again. I hope I’ve put the mornings of Asia waking up, running and coming back to me still in bed are a thing of the past. This post is written permission for her to yank the covers off and kick me in the ass to get me up, ok, maybe a tap on the shoulder instead of a kick in the ass.

It’s been slow going getting back into running. My close to 5 months off from training since CIM really did set me back. In early May every run was a struggle and I put my fitness at a 3:10 marathon, if I could run that far. I might be back in 3:00 hour ish shape as long as I can get my endurance back up but feel a sub 2:50 in October at Chicago will be a struggle. Time to just run, get the miles in and see where I end up closer to the date. I really need to not go this long without running 🙂

The group at Rogue is great as usual. Some new faces in the crew, the paces too rich for my blood at times, but that’s all part of the fun of training with new people. This Thursday was an eye opener, our “easy” hilly run turned into somewhat of a medium effort. It was fun to finally let the legs loose with the crew. I think the hip issue is holding up but I do need to try and get it worked on a little soon. The gym work is helping for sure but there’s still some tightness I need to get released.

More to come I’m sure, sorry for the rambling stream of consciousness post.



  1. Don’t be sorry. Thx for the update!! Almost identical to my stuff, except, well, you’re faster as always. Still struggling with the idea of joining a group. We shall see.

  2. As for your time off and reduced fitness, a smart coach once taught me that you have to “de-train to re-train higher”. Just like we periodize in a microcycle (recovery weeks), we have to do it in our macrocycles too. You’ll be stronger & faster because of it.

  3. I didn’t realize you were not running as much. It sure would be nice to get the gang all back together after all these injuries.

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