Two weeks in a row … Kamran goes splat


Two weeks in a row and around 45 miles both weeks. Long runs of 16 and 18 miles. The goal right now is just to be able to run a marathon (not race) by the end of the May. That’s on the way to hopefully racing Chicago in October where I hope I can get under 2:50 The body seems to be holding up fine, just haven’t gotten back into a good routine at the gym or adjusted my diet for serious training. The week ended today with a somewhat shortened run after a bit of a fall crossing I-35 to run on the trail … splat I went and decided to cut the run from 8 to 6.



    1. I clipped my right foot on a small lip in the concrete, then the body twisted and I came down on my right side. It’s my right shoulder (primarily), right elbow, right hand and right knee. I need to lift my legs a little more 🙂

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