I’m back

Yes, I’m back. Time to train again.



    1. A few things. First I checked with a doctor to make sure I didn’t have a stress fracture. Then it was two things. The first was some release work and the second some strengthening. For release there were two problem areas for me (release was massage/ART). The first was the IT band (http://www.bulletproofknee.com/itband2.gif) For me it was the IT band but more towards the back part of it. I had some knots in the muscles around there and adhesion in the band itself and this was pulling on my hip region. The second area was my quad (http://www.myfit.ca/Muscle%20Anatomy/Quadriceps.jpg). In this case it was more the interior region up to the hip flexor. Once those were loose (took 2 to 3 sessions) strength work I needed to do was clam shells and reverse clam shells. There was some time off and just easing back into running without pace work as well.

  1. Thank you so much. It seems that I have the same problem that you had, and I think that the same solutions will work. Las t week, I started doing some massaging on the ITB and some strengthening for the hips as well, and I noticed a sudden improvement. I took 3 weeks off and I will slowly easing back into running this week.
    Thank you again.

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