Season in question but not over

My last post was mentioned some of the issues I’ve been facing in my right leg and hip area. It hasn’t really gotten much better over the last two weeks. Last week I ran 50 miles and this week I should be around 30 (with some travel for work). I seem to be ok on slower pace work but anything up-tempo just bothers the hip too much. By hip I mean a number of connection points around the hip area, this includes high up in the hamstring and the insertion point for the IT band around the hip. Today was an easy 8 mile run and for the most part it was ok.

So what’s the plan, we’ll no crazy goal for the Cap 10k but still hoping to race it. For the next few weeks I’ll keep my daily mileage below 8 miles . As for workouts I’ll do my best to start showing up with the team and at least doing the warm-ups and cool-downs and play the actual workout by ear. Then it’s the real work. Rolling twice a day, leg strength work daily, gym twice a week, icing once a day and regular massage.



  1. Thanks for asking Mike, I had a couple of Airrosti treatments that tend to make things better for a while but not getting better in the long run. I decided to check to make sure it wasn’t structural/stress fracture and was cleared of that Friday … now the guessing game of root cause begins 🙂

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