The pain isn’t where the problem is

With any injury or issue, nine times out of ten where it hurts ends up not being where the problem is. I’m not sure where this one began and when it will end but I do think I’m slowly getting it under control. Late in the training season for CIM last year I suffered a quad strain. I was able to recover and race and do remember my right leg and quad area being particularly sore during the race.

After the race I just took too much time off … from everything, gym, running, eating well … This led to a general tightness in my body as well as some weakness. My lack of gym work the last half of CIM training hasn’t helped with my general strength either. As I’ve started back up with Team Rogue, the 10k group being coached by Scott MacPhearson, my right leg just hasn’t been doing well. It’s been a weird tightness in my hip area and tightening and pain in my quad and hip-flexor region. I had some release work done at Airrosti last week and my quad (outer part) was knotted up. Getting that released was extremely painful. My hamstring was generally tight as was my glute. In the end the conclusion we reached is is my hip stabilizers are weak.

At the gym today there was no doubt left that my glute and area around the hip is weak. As I did side band walks the burning sensation was almost unbearable on both sides. It was a good pain but a reminder that I wasn’t focusing on those muscle groups for a little too long. I still have some questions about which other muscle groups I need to work on. My hamstrings are tight, but is that because they are weak and being overpowered by my quads or they the strong group that’s being overworked? For now I’m working on giving some extra stretching love to all my upper leg and hip muscle groups and also working them all in my gym routine, with a heavier focus on my glutes for the next two weeks. The results will tell if this is the right approach. I should know soon since our Team Rogue group is staring up on some hill repeats and track work this week as we get ready for the Cap 10k in March.


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