Age 2 – Getting a Nickname, Qualifying for Boston, Running Boston and Rogue – Running Career Review

My third year of running was pretty eventful, I managed to qualify for Boston at Chicago in 2004 and ran Boston for the first time in 2005. This year also marked when I first started training with Rogue. This was the first season for Rogue, still under the RunTex University umbrella but operating as an independent entity. Going into this year I still didn’t really know what the Boston marathon was and was coming off a 3:27 marathon at the Austin Marathon in 2004. The first thing I remember about Rogue was the time trial, 2 miles as hard as you can around the track and how that factored into our workouts. Steve was our coach and I remember running a lot of workouts with Ruth, Brian and Jayna. My time trial made a 3:10 marathon a possibility so that was the goal. I didn’t keep a running log at the time so quite a bit of this is by memory. I am hitting 9 years old in running years soon so my memory of those early years is fading fast.

Training for Chicago was fun, lots of runs with Jayna and Brian up in the Jollyvile area and plenty of track workouts. I remember doing workouts on a one mile course I’d measured at work (NI), 6 miles at MGP or HMGP on my own. Then there was the workout that got me my nickname of being a metronome. It was a track workout that involved alternating between 10k pace and marathon pace every 200 meters for 3 miles or so. What I remember is pretty much hitting each split, overall I may have been off 2 seconds or something. My anal retentiveness helped in training I guess. Then there was the Chicago Marathon race itself when I got my Boston Qualifier, with a time of 3:10:13, yes those 13 seconds still bother me!

After that it was a bunch more training for the Boston Marathon in 2005, which was a good run. I decided to run my first Boston marathon for fun to enjoy the experience and boy did I. It’s just such a great atmosphere and kids are out there handing out fruit … and popsicles, oh to have a popsicle during a marathon …  what more can you ask for. The time 3:13:32 so a good time.

This was the year I realized I could actually run at some decent pace, for normal people, and well I guess it just kept going with the performance project after Boston 2005. But that’s for a review of Age 3 in running years and another blog post.


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