2 and a half weeks out and a little dinged up

It’s been a so so season really, I haven’t been as consistent as I should be with … well pretty much everything, running, diet, nutrition, strength training. On the good side I’ve managed to keep trudging along in the season and get fitter. This week I made a rookie mistake and didn’t run for three days and did a hard workout. On Sunday we ran the San Antonio half marathon and I had a good run. This Thursday was the warhurst, 4 sets of 1 mile at tempo and then 1200 at 10k pace. I managed 2 sets and on the third 1 mile my right quad started tightening up, just wouldn’t respond. Well between Sunday and Thursday I did absolutely nothing, just let my legs get all tightened up. It was laziness on my part on Monday and Wednesday and just a stupid mistake. Even as I was thinking of the Thursday workout I thought it would be iffy to run a hard workout after a hard Sunday run and nothing in between. There’s definitely something up with the right quad, today’s 12 mile run turned into 6 since I felt it starting to tighten up again. Over the next two weeks the focus will be keeping somewhat active with the running to maintain fitness and doing what I can to get the Quad worked on. Race plan is still TBD.



  1. You are strong, healthy and fitter than ever. Come CIM, that quad will perform. Maybe it just needs a little extra dose of Lisa between now and then! : )

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