A little team ridicule and pride for the week

A few of guys from our Team Rogue crew decided to run the IBM 10k today, the results were good so a source of pride but the running of the race was a source of ridicule during the week. First the goods on the results and then I’ll go back to the fun we had over the week ridiculing each other.

Larry, Damon, Andrew, Muz, Corey and Jim decided to run IBM today. Before I write any more, all of these yahoo’s (ok maybe the ridiculing isn’t just kept between us) ran the 2nd Race Prep for the team a week ago which consisted of 2 sets of 10 miles at marathon goal pace. This week is supposed to be a “down week”. Larry did great, finishing in 35:19 to win the Masters division at a pace of 5:41 minutes/mile, and with that time put all of us “younger” folks to shame šŸ™‚ Damon, Andrew, Muz and Corey all finished between 36:17 and 36:53 or between 5:50 minutes/mile and 5:56 minutes/mile. Great times that show they’re on track for a good performance at CIM in December. So that’s the “pride” side of this post, now onto the ridicule.

The group enjoys taking jabs at each other, on our runs or by e-mail. I was planning on running IBM but decided against it given the race prep last week. During the week we exchanged a few e-mails about the sanity of racing IBM a week after a tough workout, you know the standard this isn’t your “A race” don’t hurt yourself on this vs. you pansy. I took more days off this week than intended so got the crap I deserved:

“Do I need to set up an intervention so you can get your freaking head screwed on correctly?
A few things I take issue with:

  • Missed the run today.
  • Not running IBM.Ā  Come on, WTF?
  • Skipping the workout on Thurs.

What’s next, an email about adding a Rogue Galloway Program that you will be coaching in the spring?Ā  :-)”
We missed you today K-man.

P.S. All due respect to the Galloway program, it’s just not for me but is a program that has helped many people succeed in running a marathon.

All the jabs back and forth were taken in stride but it is one of those interesting things that we all have to balance in our training. This balance is really based on the individual. Each of us knows what state we’re in mentally and physically and have to make the decision. Don’t get me wrong, if your idea of training for a fall marathon involves entering a race every weekend in Austin … well you’re just plain old crazy if you expect a command performance at your marathon. You can have a lot of fun racing all the time but if your goal is to PR and to really race the marathon you’re just … well nuts to enter too many races. On the other hand a nicely placed race is a great measure for fitness and a good mental and physical tune up for the goal race. Some of us like to race (I’m on the like to train side) so working a race into the schedule is all good (my previous tirade of on racing every weekend being an exception of course). Here’s to the guys that ran IBM today and to this being a good tune up along the way to their goal race.

So great work out there today Team and thanks for keeping me honest with my laissez faire training attitude lately šŸ™‚

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