2 months till CIM and training still on track

It’s a little crazy that we only have two months left till CIM, 10 weeks to be more precise. This was our first week where both Tuesday and Thursday were what I’d call full on workouts. Tuesday was a 5 mile workout on the track with miles alternating between 10k and MGP and today we ran 2 sets of 5 miles at Steady pace. I’m haven’t quite managed to hit my training paces for a 2:45 marathon but it’s close enough to make me feel I’m on track for where I need to be in order to have a fighting chance at breaking 2:45 at CIM.

10k/MGP Miles on Tuesday

Target paces for a 2:45 marathon (if you plug it into any calculator) are 5:39 for 10k and 6:18 for MGP. I’ve always struggled with the faster paces at 5k or 10k but did end up hitting the times in the past. This week I’ve been very concsous of my legs since this is generally the phase in training where injuries tend to show up if they will for people. That has meant holding myself in check at each workout including this one. I do think in the coming weeks it’ll be far enough into this phase where I can feel better about my ability to handle the strain of the faster paces.

Mile 1 – 5:42
Mile 2 – 6:16
Mile 3 – 5:45
Mile 4 – 6:16
Mile 5 – 5:45

Steady Run on Thursday

Today worked out fine. First set of 5 miles at a 6:18 pace and second set at 6:13. That puts it right under marathon goal pace which is probably fine for this week. I do think the paces will need to come down moving forward if a 2:45 time at CIM has a chance so let’s see where I am in 4 weeks.


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