Team Rogue – Run with us if you are serious about getting faster

This week we exit the base phase of training for the California International Marathon 2010 (CIM). CIM 2008 was the first race for Team Rogue so this two year anniversary race will be telling. The first season we followed what many others in Austin considered a fools errand. I remember the talks of they’re crazy, too much mileage, they’ll all get injured, you name it there was plenty of doubting going around in Austin’s running circles about Steve’s and Rogues new group. What I do no know is you just can’t fake the results. My personal results and those of the great friends I’ve made in the team since the summer of 2008 have proved out the program. CIM 2008 I ran 2:59, Portland 2009 a 2:51 and Boston 2010 a 2:53

There are a number of things that make the program work for me:

  • The first is the team nature of only one or two races around the same time for this whole group. That results in a consistency with training partners and focus that really makes the tough workouts manageable.
  • The program is measured.
    • The base phase has no speed work except some pick-ups, it’s a true aerobic conditioning phase. We all build to a base between 60 and 90 miles a week (some people hit the 100 miles/week range). It’s based on the individual and our lifestyles.  I was amazed to look back at this season, since the beginning of June to this week I’ve run 980 miles compared to 580 in 2008
    • The next phase of hills/strength eases the team into faster turnover while trying to walk the fine line that pushes the body without injury. I have to say that Steve has gotten better and better at this through the seasons.
    • Then we have a 6 week peak phase leading up to the race.
  • It prepares you mentally with 3 to 4 race preps a season are mentally grueling.
    • 4×5 miles at marathon goal pace (MGP) or a 26 mile workout with 10 miles at MGP and 6 miles on the track cutting down each mile from MGP to Half Marathon Goal Pace to 10k pace
    • You may not hit all your times but you will dig deep to survive, your mind will be ready for the demons of the race
  • Race weekend support
    • Steve and the coaches travel with us to the race and tweak race plans
    • They’re out on the course to keep us on track
    • They are there to celebrate afterward

As the Team Rogue “experiment” started proving itself out Rogue worked in the core principles into the regular marathon training programs, with larger aerobic bases and not falling into the cookie cutter track and speed work from day one approach often followed. That’s one thing I really do like about Steve, he’s a habitual “learner” and “experimenter”, knowing there’s more out there to try and not afraid to try it. That was true in the Performance Project, Team Rogue and also makes it’s way into the more standard Rogue training programs (once’s the experiments have been proved out 🙂 When we kicked off Team Rogue in 2008 he was honest with us that he was trying something new, others in Austin would think we’re crazy and we’d all learn along the way. Two years later many of us area still there, running faster then we ever though we’d be able to and enjoying the company of some great runners and friends.

Team Rogue this year has veterns from the first season in 2008 and a lot of new faces, we’re aiming for 2:40 to 4:30 marathons. What makes us all the same is that we’re committed to one of the most challenging marathon training programs Austin has to offer to “recreational runners”, to the 5:30 am runs, to 10 miles being “short runs”, to attending core classes and hitting the gym so our bodies can support the workload Steve’s program demands of us. We’re getting out of the base phase for CIM this week and the 3 month count down to the race is beginning. It’s too late to join us for CIM but the team will be running Boston 2011, if you’re serious about getting faster and not afraid of the commitment … come run with us, we don’t bite 🙂


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