Registered for some races and week 7 in review

The last time I registered for races ahead of time during a season I ended up not being able to run any of them due to injury. I’m hoping that isn’t the case this time. For Boston 2009 I entered a few races as prep runs leading upto the race and wasn’t able to run any of them including the Boston Marathon. For this season I’ve registered for all of the races I’ve decided to run except for the IBM 10k.

Tomorrow marks the end of week 7 of training for CIM. I should be around 85 miles if I run the 10 miles planned tomorrow. I looked back at my log and realized that I’ve only run more than 85 miles in a week once in my life before which was a 90 mile run sometime last year. Apart from that I’ve managed two 82 mile weeks and generally have been under 80 miles. So this will be another nice milestone. Increasingly though I think the 75 to 80 miles a week range is what I’ll stick to this season. Had a massage with Lisa, the “unofficial” team Masseuse this week and everything seems to be fine so far. I do need to ice a little more than I have been on my tib and work on some tib strengthening but apart from that no major aches or pains.


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