Unintended shortage of water served as a great reminder on the importance of hydration today

This week is a little bit crazy for me since I need to travel out of town on Friday for a wedding. NI, where I work, is closed today I decided to get my 20 mile run in. There was a 16 mile route and I added another 4 towards the end (http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3859273).

The Situation
Team Rogue is an interesting beast. We have people with different base targets and in different weeks or stages of their build. Today for example we probably had people ranging from 6 miles to 16. I had my additional 4 but was able to run with Larry, Jim and Asia for first 15 miles which was nice. This variation in mileage for runs has to make planning of routes and water spots challenging.

The Outcome
There was a 12 mile route and in that route around mile 5 there was a 2 mile adder and then another 2 mile adder around mile 6 I think. We grabbed water at mile 5 and then with our adders the next water stop was about an hour later, I’m guessing 8 miles. For the 12 mile route it would have been about 4 miles I think between water stops so I just assumed it was a forgotten water stop, that’s life. I’m sure we complained a bit, that’s what we runners do. It’s strange how when you assume something will be somewhere you just … well can’t seem to get over why it isn’t.

What actually happen is the water stop was placed a block off the route we ran. It was surprising how much that 8 mile gap in water stops affected me, and I think everybody else with me (Larry, Jim and Asia). We stopped at Quacks and grabbed some water which was nice. For runs I’ve started carrying a small hand held since Rogue is trying to reduce use of paper cups. Apparently we went through 600 one day, which is a lot of paper if you think about it. One of my mistakes was not filling the hand held all the way at the stop at mile 5. Honestly I just don’t like carrying hand-helds so that’s why I just filled it a 1/3 of the way.

The Lesson
When we did get water it was obvious that trying to catch up when you’re behind is very difficult, I ended up with a side stitch at first from drinking too much. You hear the importance of not getting behind with hydration and nutrition but today was a stark reminder. I was lucky that I had the hand-held. At the next water stop I filled it up after drinking some water and then was able to sip on it for a while and get my 4 mile adder in with another water stop (Jester).

This “getting behind” thing isn’t just during a run. With the training load most of Team Rogue is on it’s important to stay hydrated and topped off every day during the week. If you don’t do that then long runs, or any issue will just seem more severe. And then during runs or races, have and stick to your hydration plan. The time it takes to grab a swig at each station is totally worth it in my mind.

A Change in Attitude
That comment I made earlier about hating carrying a hand-held … well I think I’m liking the new smaller hand-held Rogue has on discount for people in the training program. Being able to keep drinking a little bit on the run between stops in the summer heat and humidity is totally worth what could be called the inconvenience of having to carry a bottle. And let’s not forget the trees using the hand-held saves 🙂


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