Keep Austin Running … Take 2?

A friend of mine who was very helpful and active in contacting City Council and in attending meetings on the Downtown Road Closure Ordinance … a.k.a curb races downtown sent me a message on the mobility bond the city council could add to the November ballot which includes construction of a boardwalk over town lake. He sent a well worded message to City Council that I’d encourage you to read and determine what you’d like to say to our City Council.

Here is the relevant link:

Also here is a copy of his e-mail to the city.

I’m writing to encourage you to put the $85 million mobility bond package before the voters in November this year. Most of the included infrastructure projects enhance connectivity within and around Austin. Countercyclical spending at this time is especially appropriate for a few reasons

• The enhanced availability of labor to implement these projects in a period of high unemployment
• Historically low borrowing costs for municipalities at this time
• The infrastructure projects should enhance the positive buzz already surrounding Austin
• The increased connectivity (especially down town) is essential to a city that will see significant population increase in its core

Also would like to add some positive comments specific to the proposed boardwalk to complete the Lady Bird Lake trail

• Timeliness of completing the Lady Bird Lake trail as a tribute to Lady Bird Johnson
• The price tag of $15 million is very efficient as compared to the original construction of the Pfluger bridge (about $8 million). 1.1 miles of pedestrian walkway versus a few hundred yards. And the Pfluger bridge was worth it also!
• The scale and benefits of the project are large and it score 12th out of 455 projects in the ASMP’s project scoring matrix
• Commitment from the Trail foundation to raise at least $3 million in private funds for the project
• Very little upward drift in the estimated cost of the project as the design has been fine tuned
• Completion of the trail will create several nice views of the city
• It will enhance pedestrian connectivity between the east and west sides of the city

Thank you for your consideration.

His message to me really reminded me of the incredible involvement from the running community when the ordinance was being discussed and passed and the impromptu keepaustinrunning web-site and facebook group we created. Maybe those need to stay around get some use. I’m open to ideas on how people would like those used. Ning just added features to make it easy to update facebook with events etc so I’ll all for it being a place for the running community to own.


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