Two weeks into a long season leading to CIM

I’ve been gradually getting back into running around two weeks after the Boston Marathon this year and today week two of the training leading to CIM in December is over. This week was my third in a row hovering around 70 miles a week. Generally our macro works out to a 5 mile increase a week to our base. I started a little earlier and my target is 90 miles a week, 15 to 20 miles more a week than I’ve managed successfully in previous seasons. To account for the higher load than I’ve encountered and some pick-up workouts I’ve decided to add to the mix, instead of increasing my mileage every week I’m going to hold each level for two to three weeks and then increase. That should mean that the rest of the Team will soon be at the same weekly mileage as me and the two to four miles I might be doing on my own for a couple of weeks will soon be with everybody else, the way I like to run 🙂

On another note, I haven’t hit them all but I have managed to get running drills in 2 to 3 times a week, strides twice a week for the last two, and the gym for at least a month. Hope all this effort means I can make it through the season in good health.


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