Going to be a rough summer of running

It’s still early in the summer and I’m
now at what used to be my max mileage of around 75 miles a week. the group runs are a little faster than I’d like, but I think I’ve kept it under control. The 14 mile run today wasn’t what I’d call easy, it wasn’t that I was pushing but it just felt labored.

On average I’m thinking my runs will be in the 7:30 minutes/mile area. They’ve been ranging between 7:15 and 7:40 which is fine, and slower on some days where recovery has been key. The group of front runners these days consists of Ashish, Corey, Niccole, and Brent. It’s taken only been a week but it’s been fun to notice how each person or clump of folks like to run pace wise at different phases of the run. For me it’s easy warmup right under 8 minute pace then get it down to a comfortable area around 7:30 min/mile and never getting under 7:00 min/mile … well except that downhill return on Congress 🙂 That should keep things under control for the base phase I think. slower is ok but faster is a no no for now.


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