Staying Comitted to Team Rogue

A former Team Rogue’s post today on leaving Team Rogue got me reflecting a little. I went through the range of emotions from surprise, anger, disappointment …  The most important thing in this post is the title, this is my reaffirmation to the team I’ve spent countless hours with every week over the past two years.

The disappointment I have with the post from Kevin is the public nature of it. Don’t get me wrong, any business these days should expect public reviews and feedback, that’s the beauty of the internet but … I’ll draw an analogy to breaking up. There are lots of details, events and specifics to any relationship and many things that friends see through the course of a relationship. Training is no different, with the coach or your teammates.  In the breakup the people doing the breaking up have their biases and specific things they focus on, consciously or unconsciously, correctly or incorrectly.  Break-ups that are extremely public drag too many people into them. There are always two sides to every story, then there’s the nit-picking, the finger-pointing … it’s more detrimental than beneficial and making it public has consequences that … just kind of suck. So no finger-pointing on the specifics from me and my observations, just a comment on the overall “break-up”.

Enough with that, why am I committed to Team Rogue? Here are three simple reasons:

  • The coach Steve Sisson. He is willing to try new things, experiment and challenge us. People said we were crazy 2 years ago when we started on our training for CIM. He doesn’t just keep doing the same old same old, is willing to buck the status quo and he treats us all like we’re the real deal. He’s very different from other standard Rogue programs and that’s what’s great about him.
  • The athletes. Yes, people in Team Rogue are athletes, from the 2:40 marathoner to the 4:00+ marathoner. Anybody that is willing to run a 28 mile workout, run between 60 and 100 miles a week and do all the ancillary training necessary for the workload is an athlete. This weekend I heard Steve describe a workout that us recreational Team Roguers do to a former college athlete that has a US Championship qualifying time and you could see his jaw drop. Kind of cool to have somebody that can lap you on the track in a workout have that respect for what you do 🙂 To all my team mates, you kick some royal ass.
  • The results. 2 years ago at CIM it was the “3:10” train for a large clump of folks trying to break 3:10. Two short years later we’re going back to CIM and now have the “2:45” train. That is INSANE! It’s not just the “fasties” as some of my friends like Jenn term this group but what I consider the true folks that inspire us. Jenn for example broke 4 hours recently, the commitment that took and the her progress helps us all believe that if we execute and take personal ownership for what we’re asked to do we WILL succeed.

That’s it. So guys and gals I’ll be there bright and early at 5:30 tomorrow morning for the season opener of Team Rogue as we get ready for CIM and Dallas and plan to be there through the ups and downs we’ll inevitably face during our training and races.



  1. Like any relationship, different people need different things, and in the end, I think you get out of it what you put into it.

    I am constantly inspired an motivated by our coaches and teammates and glad you talked me into joining this crazy team. The balmy 8-miler this morning was so much fun because everyone was back together!

    P.S. (Thanks for the shout-out!)

  2. Great Note Kamran – I agree 100% with your thoughts….Rogue coaches are excellent and you only improve if you listen to your peers / coaches and consistantly train. It appears these areas are where people who dont find success often lack……

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