The side stitch that just refuses to go away

I’m in a hate hate relationship with my body lately. Keep getting pain in the right side of my body, the location seems to change at times but this started 2 weeks before the Boston marathon and has been lingering. One of the common reasons people get side stitches is dehydration, that hasn’t been the reason for mine I think. One of the interesting things has been harder effort doesn’t always result in it acting up, to the contrary running downhill seems to bring it on and running uphill seems to alleviate it. That tends to make me think it’s something with my running form and I’ve gotten a few points of confirmation of late on this theory:

  • In my last sports massage Lisa said she thought the left side of my back along the spine was more developed than the right.
  • When I run uphill I tend to run much more upright
  • Running downhill if I focus on running upright and keeping my shoulders down things tend to be better
  • My left shoulder seems to ride a little higher when I’m running

So all this means there is likely some twist in my body and some core issues to work through, so that’s what’s on tap to address for now. The goal is pain-free running in a month … well from this pain anyway 😉


One comment

  1. When I get stitches they invariably occur running downhill. I have concluded that I am a little hesitant/tentative/cautious in the faster/freefalling feeling and that makes be somewhat tense up and “gasp” my breathing more … expelling strongly — so that I am forced in inhale strongly — seems to clear it up.

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