Trying another shoe, the Nike LunarRacer+ 2

Yes, I try on many running shoes so enough with the jokes and snickering. Asia had a review of these shoes on her blog. We were talking about them and she convinced me that I should give the Nike LunarRacer+ 2 a try, so I picked up a pair at Rogue yesterday.

Nike LunarRacer +2

I’ll come out with it now. I’ve never liked running in a pair of Nike shoes until today. Blasphemy you say!! It may be but I’ve never liked a pair of Nike running shoes until these. One thing I’ve found very annoying about most Nike running shoes, expect for the Nike Streak which I like to wear around more as a casual shoe, is the cut for the ankle. It just rides way too high. Take a look at the image of the Lunar Trainer below for example and how high the shoe runs in the ankle area. This just made running in these near impossible. The other thing I’ve found annoying is the toe box, it tends to be to tight for my feet. This is a complaint I’ve heard from a few runners.

Nike Lunar Trainer

We’ll the LunarRacer+ 2 takes care of both of these issues and brings some positives of its own. My training shoe of choice recently has been the Brooks Launch and I just raced the Boston Marathon in the Brooks Green Silence. You can find my reviews of those shoes on my blog. Asia wrote a great review on the LunarRacer +2 already so I won’t repeat much of what she’s already pointed out. For me the best things about the shoes are they’re light, have a very natural feel, and are soft and cushioned. They feel very natural to run in and the upper doesn’t really feel like it’s there and doesn’t restrict movement at all. The sole is nice and soft but responsive. It’s also two ounces lighter than the Launch and looks just as “flashy” šŸ™‚

Now the true test is Launch vs. LunarRacer+ 2 … for me it’ll have to be both. I used to alternate my Mizuno Precisions and Brooks Launch a year ago. Now it’ll be the Brooks Launch and the Nike LunarRacer+ 2. The LunarRacer+ 2 is really for neutral runners and I know I have a small amount of pronation in my right foot. I plan to do a little strength work before I run anything over 10 miles run in the LunarRacer+ 2.

To be honest, given my past Nike running shoe experience I didn’t think I’d like this shoe as much as I now do. As for the ultimate winner between the Launch and LunarRacer+ 2, I’ll try out a few more runs over the next two months before I declare a final verdict.


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  1. Hey I will have to change my shoes as NB downgraded their product from a 904 to a 905 so I am happy u r willing to try out new stuff.

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