Recovery after the race prep

This Sunday was another Race Prep leading to Boston. The race pre consisted of 4 sets of 5 miles at Marathon Goal Pace with decent hills. We started at Bouldin and Barton Springs and South (up-hill for the most part) for 5 miles, then back down for 5, up for another 5 and back for a total of 20 miles. A 2:45 marathon would be a 6:18 pace which I’m not really capable of right now, and it was obvious that running uphill is a bit of a struggle. Overall I did manage a 6:23 pace for the 20 miles. I wasn’t sure how the recovery would go but I’ve been pleased. I only ran 2 miles on Monday, mainly because of time and this morning ran 8 miles with Chris and Asia. It went well, a little soreness in the upper quads but that went away as I loosened up. I’m not completely recovered but the tightness and soreness isn’t too bad and is expected given the hard effort on Sunday. It’s a good thing I have a massage scheduled for Thursday.  The body and mind just need to hold up through April for the race.


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