Progress since last season showing up in workouts

Today was one of the workouts I don’t really look forward to. The Rollers involve a warm-up right under 2 miles and then 5 miles of on and off sets. They used to be 2 minutes on and 2 minutes off but this time around Steve had us do 1 on and 1 off. This is all through the hilly parts of Scenic and Balcones so harder as we get further along. This is followed by a short (less than one mile) recovery pace followed by 3.5ish miles at Steady State. For Portland with the same effort level I was running 6:28 minutes per mile for the Steady State, today we were closer to 6:08 minutes per mile which is pretty good progress. I’m feeling better and better about where my fitness stands but still haven’t settled in on a final goal for Boston or a definite race plan. That should become clearer after the race prep this Sunday, which will be a killer workout.


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