Race Prep 1 tomorrow caps off two hard weeks of running

Tomorrow is our first race prep for Boston, an optional race prep. It’ll be interesting with 4 to 5 of us running it together knowing we’re all very different style runners with very different temperaments. I think it’ll end up being Asia, Damon, Chris, Muz and me. We’ll have 12 miles at MGP (6:20 min/mile) broken up into 4 sets of 3 miles. The first set is Exposition, so very hilly, then uphill and the last two sets are down hill.

My prediction on the run. 6:20 is a tough pace for me to sustain so I’m expecting 6:20 to 6:30. I know Asia is a killer on the downhills so on Exposition I’m expecting a back and forth experience. Then there’s Damon who I know will push the pace so I expect to see him pull away after the second set. Muz will hopefully run with us but either way he’ll be up with whomever is pushing the hardest. Then there’s Chris who we’ve all recently started running with. I could see him holding back or going out with Muz and Damon. Let’s see what actually happens tomorrow.


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