Brooks Green Silence Shoe Review

Today I got to run in my Brooks Green Silence for the first time and I have to say I like them.

Brooks Green Silence

I had an earlier post where I talked about the Mizuno Musha. The biggest difference for me has been the softness/coushion in the Green Silence over the Musha. I’m used to running in Mizuno’s and they’re not the most giving shoes and Musha are very light so I felt the road quite a bit in them on my 8 mile test run. My 10 mile run in the Green Silence today was better compared to the Musha in this area. The Musha had some more support but I felt fine in the Green Silence. The Green Silence did feel a little loose in the toe box before running but when I did run it felt fine. The other cool thing is the Green Silence has some cool features as far as the recyclables used in making them as well as the bio degradeble insole.

I don’t think I have the stability to train in these but these are starting to look like the front runner as my race shoes for the marathon. They’re very light, responsive and I like the cushioning they provide for my foot strike. Before deciding for sure if I’ll race in them I need to test them out on a faster run and see how they feel compared to the Musha at sub 6:30 min/mile paces.


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