Hills and steady state running

This morning was a tough workout, a little under 13.5 miles in total with 12 for the “workout” portion. For those that have run the route Stratford is a hilly hilly road. We ran loops, Stratford from Mopac to Red Bud, Red Bud to Lake Austin Blvd, Lake Austin Blvd to Veterans, then across the footbridge back to Stratford. We ran the loop three times.

Stratford leg was hard on hills and flats, recover on Redbud and then Steady State on Lake Austin Blvd. I’ll be honest, there were flat parts of Stratford where I couldn’t go hard and just had to recover. If I go anaerobic I just go bust. Overall a good workout, consistently around 13 minutes for the Stratford leg and right at 7 minutes on the LAB leg (6:05 ish pace on the Steady State).

The weather was close to ideal and the workout was tough. I’m feeling fit but not ready to dial in a goal for Boston quite yet.


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