Long run of 24 miles and Mizuno Musha test run

Today was a little under 24 miles around a 7:30 min/mile overall pace so nice and easy. The team met up at 6:00 and got 8 miles in before another 16 with the rest of the Rogues at 7:00. I decided to try the Mizuno Musha during the first 8 miles.

Mizuno Musha

The Mizuno Musha are racing shoes, very light with just a little support, and should be great for racing a marathon if my legs can handle them. The first 8 miles of the run went well with them on, it was a very different feel and I could tell that they didn’t have any cushioning so they would not be good trainers. They’re very flexible and responsive so they should feel good to run in at faster paces but aren’t quite right for the more plodding motion of easy runs.

I’m also going to give the Brooks Green Silence a go and decide if either of these shoes will be my racing shoes, ideally for the marathon but if not then for some shorter distances. I’m positive they will not suit me for everyday training shoes.

Brooks Green Silence

This week should end somewhere around 70 miles, it would have been closer to 80 but getting a cold over the weekend made me miss a couple of runs this week.


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