One month later and my second 20 mile run of the season

It’s been just over a month and I ran my second 20+ mike run of the season. That’s 3 less than I wanted at this point but that’s life. Because of the tendinitis that took hold in my right ankle I took 2 weeks completely off and have been building back since then. I’ll hopefully be around 60 miles this week and plan to take it easy getting up to my base goal of 75 miles a week.

My lack of committment this season has taken it’s toll and I’m doing my best to get all those other things that are so important for me to stay healthy back into my routine. The gym, icing, stretching and nutrition. My motivation isn’t quite there compared to training for Portland so I’ll have to live with whatever Boston holds for me this year. I need a mental recharge and don’t want running to become a chore so I’ll just play it by ear and get completely comitted for the Fall season.


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