Running in DC, warmer than Austin

I was in DC for most of the week for a conference for work focused on Software Define Radios. Muz sent me info on the Mount Vernon Trail which I was able to run on during my trip. I was hoping to run 3 time on my trip but missed one day. On Wednesday morning I just ran up the trail from Crystal City, the temp was 50 degrees in the early morning. Across the river I could see the Capitol, Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Thursday afternoon I decided to cross the river and made it to the Washington Monument. It was a little cooler and very windy that day but when I checked the weather in Austin it was 45 degrees and it was 60 in DC … very strange. I guess that was just a prelude to the frigid (by Austin standards) 28 degrees 20 miler we ran this Saturday. On the running front I think my left foot is coming along nicely and now it’s just aches and pains from compensation that I think I can keep under control. Onwards to Boston.


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