Join me at the software defined radio conference in D.C. next week

Next week I’ll be attending the software defined radio conference in Washington D.C. For those of you familiar with Virtual Instrumentation you know at NI we’ve been working for many years on software defined instruments that take advantage of PC based technologies. With a simplistic view of SDRs it isn’t difficult to draw a parallel between virtual instrumentation and SDRs. In the case of SDRs some of the communications system components traditionally implemented in hardware are defined in software (on a PC or embedded devices). With some of NI’s measurement class hardware and an IF transceiver you can develop an SDR and use LabVIEW FPGA to program the FPGA on the IF transceiver.

My goal at the conference is to learn more about the needs of people developing SDRs as they might apply to using LabVIEW and LabVIEW FPGA and also NI’s FPGA based hardware. If you’re going to be at the SDR conference next week and would like to get together with ideas on how to apply LabVIEW to SDR development or how to make use of FPGA based COTS solutions from NI for SDRs let me know. You can find me on twitter @kamrans or just e-mail me directly at kamran dot shah at ni dot com


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