Leg issue mostly under control by going back to basics

I’ve had this lingering issue with my left leg (plantar trauma from the race, followed by posterior tib inflammation) since the Portland Marathon. Since the marathon I’ve needed a mental and physical break, which resulted in me not doing many of the ancillary things that make running at Team Rogue’s high intensity levels sustainable. These include, not icing, not going to the gym, and not getting regular massages. Over the last two weeks I’ve tried to get back into a routine to get those things going, as well as get back on my training diet. Those, in addition to the one week off last week, seem to be getting things back in control.

I met Steve, Team Rogue coach and UT Women’s Cross Country Coach, for coffee on Wednesday … decided I needed to start Thanksgiving a little early so took Wed afternoon off. At one point we started talking about the things Steve does and doesn’t spend time with us on for our training. The things he does try and get us to do like stretching he has been there early in the season. He was also there last season to make sure we did the big 12. In the end though he said that he expects us to do the ancillary things that are necessary for our training (strength work, stretching, massages, icing etc), those being essential for a good training season. The training for Portland was the first time I did all those things and it really paid off and I missed only 4 runs, which is a first for a 6 month period. Now, I just need to get back into the routine leading up to Boston.


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