Test of the leg … give myself a “C”

Today was a 11 and half mile run to test out my leg. Kind of annoying but I can’t complain. I had no problems from April through the race in Portland and then hurt myself during the race in my plantar. That seemed to clear away but my posterior tib has been tight and the tendon and insertion point have been inflamed. Last weekend the 16 mile Saturday run was my test of the issue, if I was in pain after the run I decided I’d take a week off so that’s what I did. Today was a little over 11 miles to test the leg out and it feels better … need to take it easy though to keep it under control.

One thing I did notice (which is hopefully a good sign) is that I didn’t have any discomfort when I started in the insertion point. The last few weeks it would take a mile or so to warm up before that happen. I also didn’t feel like I was changing my form as much so hopefully on the right track … only time will tell.



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