Taking action on homelessness and high health care costs

Today, in commemoration of National Homeless Awareness Week, Green Doors‘ supporters, homeless advocates, city government officials, agency leaders, teachers, and residents of Green Doors’ homes launched Green Doors’ 2nd video in its Tex S. Taxpayer Series.

The purpose of the video is to move the public, the Tex S. Taxpayer — you, me, all of us — to take constructive action on the issue of homelessness. The series of video shorts illustrate how individuals and families end up homeless and demonstrate the price we all pay if we do not adequately address the issue. This 2nd video focuses on the high health care costs that all of us share when we, as a community, don’t address homelessness comprehensively.

After a full day of educational outreach on the street corners of Austin, tonight, we’re inviting you to visit the Holy Cross Lawn at St. Edward’s University at 5:30pm today for a free screening of the 2nd Public Service Announcement in the Tex S. Taxpayer Series and hear a special address from Frank Fernandez (Executive Director of Green Doors) and attend a public screening of Hollywood film, The Soloist.

Watch the video »


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  1. Hey, you are earning good Karma Kamran. See you guys soon. Here is a snippet of info on healtcare costs.
    I tore my ACL 7 years ago in DC. After waiting in the GWU Hospital ER for 4 hrs (partially thanks to the closing of the South-East general hospital which owed approx. 800 mil. dollars when the city decided to shut it down. The same city of course would not blink to invest billions in a baseball stadium deal) I decided to leave and went to Georgetown the next day. For approx 2000 dollars and 3 seperate bills (hospital, nurses, doctor), I have learned what could have been learned with a simple test that I tore my ACL. The doc told me needed a MRI. When he left the room, the nurse was sent in and told me for an uninsured person an ACL would cost me approx 2000.
    Buying a ticket the next day to Turkey, having my operation there and a really rigorous PT for 3 months cost 2500… The MRI for an uninsured person was approx $100. Aha, you say, that is Turkey and things are just cheaper there. Well, first off MRI is a technology heavy process, kapital costs more in Turkey and if anything it should cost less. BUT MUCH more importantly I know that for a medicare patient an MRI cost the govnt. approx 150 dollars (not the head MRIs). Now why do the insurance companies accept 150 from the govnt, make a profit on it apparently (nobody is mandated to serve Medicare patients) and an uninsured person gets the shiv. of the healthcare? Anyways. Quite long, sorry, I am pissed off about the issue.

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