The last week of the NI Gives campaign coincides with a new non-profit for me

For some reason this NI Gives campaign happens to coincide with a number of non-profit projects for me. Last weekend was the Board Retreat for Green Doors, we’ve seen tremendous growth in both our board and services over the last year and it was a good opportunity to revisit our strategic plans and get alignment on what to focus on in 2010. The end of last week I was also involved in kicking off a new non-profit, Team Rogue. This non-profit is focused on a number of things, one is developing an Austin based elite running team to compete at the National, World and Olympic stage. The elite runners will also be actively engaged in the Austin community to engage middle-school and high-school students. I’ll write more on this soon, I’m travelling for work so it’s a little harder to keep up.


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