NI Gives, the NI Charitable Giving Campaign

This week is the second week of three of the NI Gives campaign. This is the annual charitable giving campaign and like many other companies we’re in the season of giving. Last years campaign fell at about the same time of the year, right after all the bad financial news had come out and even with that it was a record year in charitable contributions at NI which was a really great thing to see. As part of the campaign today and tomorrow during lunch a number of local non-profits are setting booths up in our cafeteria during lunch to expose the different volunteer opportunities available in Austin and also to present themselves as organizations to consider to donate to.

Charity isn’t just about giving money. Don’t get me wrong, being part of the board of a non-profit I know the value of unrestricted funds (funds that aren’t tied to a specific use) as they provide the most flexible form of money, which can be used where an organization needs it. If money is tight being able to volunteer your time, cleaning up, landscaping, painting a house, teaching somebody to read or use a computer are all extremely valuable. In many ways they are more fulfilling because of the personal interaction and direct benefit you see with those you’re serving. I hope many of us at NI are able to make the time to drop by and see some of the organizations that are visiting us to get an idea of how we can get involved in our community.


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