Web LabVIEW UI Builder … you can try it now, kind of

This weekend marked a milestone for the team working on the Web LabVIEW UI Builder that we previewed at NI-Week earlier this year.

We’ve been able to provide access to the application to a limited number of pioneer users. With the pioneer program you get very early access to the software, where your feedback can help direct the product’s direction at a point in development where we have much greater flexibility to redefine feature priorities and revisit design and architecture decisions. The other thing it means is I can start blogging about one of the projects I’ve been involved with and hopefully find a reason to post much more often.

We do keep access limited to people who have expertise and specific use cases the UI Builder can be applied to. With pioneer early access programs it’s also important that we engage a number of people the engineering team can actively engage, and whose feedback we have the bandwidth to handle. Over time as things are refined further and the more coarse grained issues are addressed we’re able to work with more and more people. So if you aren’t accepted into the program immediate please be patient with us. The best way to really get involved in the feedback process is apply for the Web LabVIEW UI Builder pioneer program. If you’re interested please let us know or e-mail me directly (kamran.shah at ni.com) and we’ll get in touch with you.

Over the next couple of months I’ll post here on some of the things we’re trying that are different in the Web LabVIEW UI Builder (as it currently works) from LabVIEW that many of you probably used to. An example is trying to let you create VIs that are purely functions (no UI), think of a sub-VI that doesn’t have to have a user interface with controls or indicators. Architecturally we’re trying to allow that with the Web LabVIEW UI Builder, that does mean there are some differences in the relationship of the connector pane to terminals/controls/indicators. I’m sure it sounds confusing right now, I’ll make sure I post some screenshots and video’s and look forward to your comments. As I said, we’re in a pioneer mode with the UI builder so things aren’t set in stone.


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