New Marathon Race Shoes selected … they’re Brooks for the first time

This is a complete change for me as far as shoes go. For years, ever since I started running the only shoes I’ve consistently worn are Mizuno’s. I recently tried the Brooks Launch and really like them, so much so that for the first time ever I’ll be running my marathon in a pair of shoes that aren’t Mizuno’s.

Brooks Launch

Brooks Launch

A little on the history behind the change

So why the change. As I wrote earlier I started wearing the Elixir instead of the Precisions after my last injury for just a little more support. After a while I did notice that my toes pinch a little in the Elixir, not too bad but something I need to pay attention to and if everything else isn’t going perfectly it can become annoying.

For a while I was alternating between the Mizuno Elixir, Mizuno Precision and Asics DS Trainers. One issue I started having was with the metatarsal pad on my right foot. I have hpyer flexible shoes and I though the relatively stiffer DS trainers might be better for me … wrong. I started having more issues and went in to see John (the store manager) at Rogue Equipment. The slightly less flexible DS trainers were apparently making me work harder on my push off, I asked him about any other shoes I should try out and he suggested the Brooks Launch.

So what do I like about the launch?

When I put them on and was just standing they just felt different, and different in a great way. I felt like my entire foot was on the ground. The way the weight seemed to distribute was different than any other shoe I’ve worn. The forefoot is also cushioned very well and as I took a few strides in them the stride felt great and very natural. They’ve very light as well. One thing I’ve disliked in the past about brooks has been the cut around the ankle. In other Brooks shoes I tried the show would push up against my heel, another problem that isn’t there in the Launch at all. I’ve now put over a hundred miles on my pair of launch and decided that I’ll use them in my marathon in Portland in 4 weeks … I just got my race pair and will break them in on a couple of runs over the next two weeks and then we’ll see how it goes.

One of the negative things I have heard about the launch is that the cushioning in the heel isn’t very good. Now heel striking isn’t something I really do, and anybody wearing shoes as light as these probably shouldn’t either … unless they’re on a very very easy run/jog. So if you do heel strike you may … ok I could say don’t try these shoes … but whatever shoes you do wear work with your coach or somebody to stop heel striking 🙂



  1. You should know that I’m very disappointed you’ve decided against, not only barefoot running, but against Five Fingers too.
    I mean why go backwards in time instead of forwards?

  2. Thanks Katie, fixed that one 🙂

    I was thinking of ditching shoes altogether Mike. Now that you brought it up I think I’ll run Portland barefoot. I need more cushioning but that’s just because I’m weak, I should go barefoot and that’ll fix it all.

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