Resetting my goals and adjusting my training for the Portland Marathon

I started this season without a real time based goal for the Portland Marathon. OK that’s not quite true … I did have a range of between 2:55 and 3:00 in mind. As I stated earlier in the season my main goal was to get to Portland injury free. My training has been going much better than I expected, both from aches and pains and fitness standpoint. From the first tempo run, to the first race prep and the second race prep this weekend I’ve had good runs even with the heat this summer. After talking with Steve today I’ve decided to change my goal and training for the rest of the season (6 weeks) leading up to Portland in the following ways:

  1. The next four weeks are when the Portland group switches to track work, tuning up and peaking for the race. My original plan was to switch back to a tempo phase, run Portland and then get into Boston training. I’m now going to do the track work and try and peak for Portland.
  2. I’m going to try and run the workouts at paces for a 2:50 marathon instead of a 2:55. That’s 10 seconds a mile faster for marathon goal pace (MGP) and half marathon goal pace (HMGP). That means from a 6:40 mile/min MGP to a 6:30 mile/min MGP

The 10 seconds a mile faster won’t be easy and I’m not sure how I’ll do with all the track work and upcoming race preps. I’ll have to see how things go and set a target time for Portland. There are still a lot of variables including the weather, work stress, and how my body reacts to the stress of the faster paces but given how well things are going I need to try and see what I can do.


One comment

  1. Training 10 seconds/mi. faster than MGP. Whew. That is crazy. But, I’m so excited that you’ve made it this far through the training healthy. Keep it up!

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