2 Soul Busters Down, 2 to Go before Portland

Today was our second “key workout” or what used to be called the Soul Buster for the Team Rogue. The last one was a 22 mile run with 10 at marathon goal pace (MGP). Today’s was quite a bit tougher. The total run was between 20 and 24 miles. After a 2 mile warm-up we ran alternating 3 mile sets at MGP and half marathon goal pace (HMGP). I’m aiming for a 2:55 marathon in Portland which puts my MGP at 6:40 min/mile and my HMGP around 6:20 min/mile

Going into today I wanted to start at those places and then run each set 5 seconds faster to see if I can get down to a 6:30 min/mile pace for my last three miles. I think I’m just where I need to be for Portland, as long as I don’t get injured I should be on track for a good chance at a 2:55 marathon. The workout today ended up being:

.            Mile 1  Mile 2   Mile 3   Avg Pace
MGP       6:37     6:33     6:50         6:40
HMGP    6:22     6:11      6:15         6:16
MGP       6:35     6:23     6:34         6:31
HMGP    6:13     6:20      6:12        6:15
MGP       6:23     6:22      6:26        6:24

That’s 2 soul busters down and 2 to go. The next one is one I’ve never managed to complete successfully in previous training seasons so that one will be interesting.


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