Good workout and some firsts

Today was our roller workout, a new route and longer than we’ve done before. The “workout” portion of the run consisted of 5 miles alternating 2 minutes hard and 2 easy, a mile recovery and then 3.6 miles at Steady effort.

I needed some extra mileage and managed to get 14.7 in. Ran most of the workout with Damon. I have to say that I suck at hills. In the 5 miles of 2 on 2 off I just struggle on the uphills. It feels like my legs are pogoing up and down. My heart rate is up but I just can’t push any harder.

The steady part of the run went well. My overall pace for the 3.6 miles was 6:23. I felt good through most of it. On the hills on this section which included Exposition I didn’t struggle as much as the 5 miles of 2 on and 2 off. I think it has to do with when I’m anaerobic versus aerobic. I have a switch somewhere and when I cross that line I’m done.

Today was also my regular massage and there were some interesting firsts (no explanation yet):

  • The leg with the tight calf didn’t have any tight plantar, the leg with the looser calf did
  • Both my legs had identical soreness on the tib (never had the same thing on both sides of the body before)

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