This Season is Different: #1

As much as I’ve been training the last few years since this April I’ve really had to comit. This is the first in a series of posts.

#1 Icing Regularly

Since my injury and recovery from training for Boston earlier this year I’ve been very regularly icing my legs. I was using larger Dixie cups but now have a box of 5 oz cups that are filled with water in the freezer. Each icing session involves going through an entire 5 oz cup. The nice thing about the cup of ice is I’m able to use it just ice the legs but also find tight and sore parts and apply pressure to dig into areas that are more inflamed. Since April I’ve iced at least once a week and based on the workload or soreness will do more. For example, this week I started feeling more soreness in both legs and iced 3 days in a row after that, twice a day for two of those days.

I have noticed that my soreness is a lot less than previous seasons. By really focusing on it after hard workouts I’ve been able to recover quicker than I used to in the past.


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