Sneak peak of the sneak peaks at NI-Week

After next week I’ll finally be able to blog more about what I and the teams I work with have busy with lately. Why is that? Well we’ll preview some of the things we’re working during the NI-Week keynotes. Once they’ve been previewed I’ll try and blog more about them to solicit feedback, this blog will hopefully have some more purpose after NI-Week.

Just to be clear, what will be shown at NI-Week are previews … so this post is a sneak peak of those sneak peaks 🙂

There will of course be many interesting demos at NI-Week (next week) but if you fall into either of the next two bins I’d love to talk to you at NI-Week about your needs and also get your feedback after the keynote demos.

  1. You make of web services and/or remote front panels to provide remote monitoring applications.
  2. You use LabVIEW RT and LabVIEW FPGA in applications that involve signal processing and data communication between targets.

Sorry to keep it vague, more specifics once we show the demo’s next week.


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