Not in sync with the team yet

This week Steve wants to sync up all the members of the team. We’ve all been building our mileage to get up to our target weekly base mileage. Once each of us hit that target (mine was 80) we enter a cycle of two weeks at that target then a down week that’s 25% lower in mileage (60 miles for me). Since we all started at different points in the build schedule our up weeks and down weeks don’t match up … now that we’re getting into Tempo runs and hill workouts Steve wants us to line up our schedules. This week is supposed to be a down week and then everybody should be in sync moving forward.

For all the Team folks, I got permission from Steve to deviate. Next week is NI’s annual user conference NI-Week and next weekend I’ll be travelling to Canada for my cousin’s wedding. So this week I’m keeping as an up week, next week will just be down week and then I’ll sync up.

I feel recovered from the weekends run with the 10 miles at marathon goal pace (MGP). I did skip my run in the morning yesterday. I ended up getting my Kettle Bell gym workout in after work yesterday instead of Sunday and my run in after that at 7:00 pm … I don’t know how the folks that run in the afternoon manage it. Today was a 15 mile run, first 3 miles were slightly over 8 min/mile pace and then the next 12 with the group. Started at 8 min/mile, then down to 7:40 and then probably around 7:20 for an overall run pace in the 7:40 range. Not too fast and under control.


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