Still on track with the training

Today was our first long run workout, 20ish miles with 10 at my marathon goal pace (MGP) of 6:40 We started at the Gateway shopping center and ran down to Barton Springs. The warm up was around 8.5 miles which I ended up running at an 8:00 min/mile pace, then 10 miles at MGP. During the MGP section I ran with Jason the whole way and we were on pace the entire time. It hills were rolling so the up-hills were a little slower but overall the 10 miles were right at 6:40 according to Jason’s Garmin.

I ended up not taking my own Garmin. That worked out really well, since I wasn’t always trying to look down at it to continually adjust my pace. Jason read out our overall pace from his Garmin very quarter mile so we were able to stay on track. At the end of the run it was time to stretch, then soak at Barton Springs, breakfast at Austin Java and a little icing with a cup of ice of my posterior and anterior tibialis in both legs. Both from a strength and cardio fitness standpoint I think I’m still on track with my training. Two months till Portland.


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