Running Garminless a little more

I’m glad and somewhat surprised that I’ve been able to ignore and even not run with the Garmin after I bought it. I set a goal for not using it on critical runs where pace is a big factor, so I can run by feel and not become a slave to the geek-o-meter. The tempo run course on Shoal Creek when we ran it had cones at every mile mark and instead of using the Garmin for the mile marks I used the cones Steve set out, next time I won’t wear a Garmin at all but a regular old stop watch. On my runs I also don’t use the Garmin for instantaneous or lap pace, I look at it at each mile when it auto-laps to see where my pace is and then adjust if I need to.

This weekend is our first “key workout” (a.k.a. Soul Buster). It’ll be 20 to 24 miles with 6 to 10 at marathon goal pace. The MGP portion starts 8 miles into the run and Steve plans to have a cone at the 8.5 mile point and then at 10, 12, 14 … The cones may not be dead on but it’s close enough and in the ball park. This Saturday for the run I plan to use my regular stop watch, the same one I plan to run the Portland Marathon with and the Garmin will be charging at home. It’ll be a good test of where I really am fitness wise by trying to go on feel and not pace. Of course, I think enough people around me will have a Garmin so I probably will know what pace I’m running 🙂


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