First tempo run and beginning to define a goal for Portland

Today was the first tempo run for this training season. Steve is easing us into these faster paces in a much more measured manner than last year. The tempo part of the run was 2 sets of 2 Miles, so not a great deal of mileage. Over the next two weeks the length of the sets will increase until I think we’ll be at a longer tempo run by close to the end of the month.

At CIM I managed to run the marathon in 2 hours 59 minutes, putting my marathon pace (MGP) at around 6:50 min/mile. That would be around 6:30 min/mile for a half marathon or tempo. For Portland I’d like to try and be in shape for a 2h 55m marathon, which is a 6:40 MGP and around a 6:20 HMGP. Going into today I wanted to try for a a 6:20 tempo pace.

When we were starting Steve said we’d likely run a little fast so we should be careful. It was a pleasant surprise that the pace really wasn’t a struggle and was relatively relaxed. The first mile was a little fast since we got carried away at the start (I blame Damon and Andrew :). The miles were 6:06, 6:14, 6:15, 5:56. The middle two miles (last of the first set and first of the second set) were comfortable, and that pace seemed sustainable today. The four miles are generally downhill, 80 feet net downhill over the 4 files. I decided to push a little harder on the last mile, not all out but a little beyond comfortable, trying to keep the distance between Damon/Andrew and me about the same as it was at the end of the third mile which is why it was 15 seconds faster than it should have been.

Overall I’m happy with where my fitness is and how my body is holding up so far. I’m not sure what a reasonable, low risk, goal for Portland is on the way to an A race in Boston yet but right now I think somewhere in the 2:52 to 3:00 range … ok 2:52 would not be low risk so 2:55 to 3:00


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