Mizuno Wave Elixir Toe Box – Shoe Review

This is a continuation of my earlier review of the Mizuno Wave Elixir and it’s comparison to the Mizuno Wave Precision. It feels like (I haven’t made any measurements) that the tow box in the Elixir is a little more tapered than the Precision. I only experience this in my right foot, which is a little bigger than the left (more room up front in right foot). The outer most toe seems to get pinched a litle in the Elixir but not in the Precision. If I don’t pay attention to it then it seems to have a chain effect to the other toes where the middle toe kind of is over the second toe and that can cause some issues. The fix for me has been pretty easy, when running just focus on the spreading the feet out and that seems to solve the “pinching”. So, it’s probably not really pinching but my feet feel a little more constricted and so the toe just is makings its own adjustment … which seems to be easily re-trainable.

As I finish writing this post I’m getting a little worried about my sanity and turning into a hypochondriac. Need to find something else to think about when I’m running soon.


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