Effects of mileage adding up

Sunday ended my first week at my base target of 80 miles. As I stated earlier that is my ideal target but I may need to back off based on what’s going on with training and life in general. The overall week went pretty well. I was off from work, I was able to get all my runs in, maintain a reasonable pace and keep a reasonable diet. Saturday was the longest run of the week at 24 miles and overall I think it went well for me. It was 80 degrees and the humidity was 80% when we started so it was warm and not ideal running weather. I didn’t really push the run, it was very warm and humid but I was able to get through it and glad for the company throughout the run with Damon and Andrew.

The cumulative effect of the week seemed to take hold on Sunday. It was a 10 mile recovery run and as soon as it started I knew it was going to be a very slow and easy run if I was going to finish the run. I had two water bottles with me and ran without stopping. It was the first time I’ve run on the road in a long time where I never got under an 8 minute per mile pace (overall run was 8:20 pace) but that’s what I needed to recover. I could have skipped the run but part of getting all the distance in is to get the legs tired and then recover and I chalk it up to that. During the run I could tell that my running form was not quite right, much more flat footed and trying to focus on form was a challenge with the legs being so tiered. That’s something I’ll need to pay attention to when I’m fatigued in the future since a collapsing form can increase the risk of some tweaks and minor strains.

Monday was a little better, easy effort averaged 8 min/mile and today’s Medium Long Run (MLR) of 16 miles I felt fresh again and easy effort was back in the 7:20 to 7:40 pace range. Today was also my longest run without Gu. Getting 16 miles in without Gu didn’t feel very different than with Gu today so I’ll keep trying this on MLRs … I’ll take a Gu with me in case I don’t feel good on a run and need to take it but will try and avoid using it.

This Thursday will be our first Steady State run and that’ll push the pace for a good chunk of the run under 6:50 or so min/mile and I hope my legs feel like they did today. Next week is a down week again (two up one down cycle) and I’ll be glad for it to recover again.


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  1. A caveat on the not taking Gu on Thursday. I don’t think it will be sustainable for me given my lifestyle so I’ll do this on occasion. My muscles need to have a good store of glycogen to keep running well and that really did deplete them so I will pay the price on Thursday or Saturday. The reason I choose this week to experiment with less or no Gu on runs is that I know next week is a recovery week when I plan to eat very well and make sure my body can fully recover and replenish.

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