Running while you’re travelling

It can be challenging to keep up with running and training when you have to travel for work or on vacation. For a vacation, this is my opinion and philosophy unless you’re going on a running vacation, don’t fret over your macro and enjoy the time off. Run because you feel like it and just take it easy. How else could I have the mental state to take a goofy picture like this:

Running in front of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Running in front of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence

When I was working in marketing I ended up traveling quite a bit for a year, and still get a little travel in for work. For the most part I’ve managed to keep running on those trips. On a vacation you can be much looser about planning, just mapping out a route to see some sights with tourist maps but with work and tighter schedules a little planning can go a long way.

A few things I’ve found very useful:

  1. Plan for the clothes you need and take an extra set for different weather just in case.
  2. Pack some plastic bags … yes your clothes don’t just dry out. If you have some time then you can dry things in the bathroom but sometimes you have to run, checkout and fly out the same day.
  3. Take the energy bars and other foods/electrolytes you need to keep your energy up. Food at work events or offices away from home isn’t general thinking of the marathon runner that is coming into town. This is especially important if you’re going to a tradeshow or something of that nature.
  4. Map out some routes, you can use gmap-pedometer, and write out some turn by turn instructions. You can also find some route recommendations from others by searching on-line.
  5. Don’t go crazy with the food. It’s so tempting to eat more and over indulge when you’re on a work trip. Everybody else is doing it. One splurge isn’t bad but if you eat too often in a manner you don’t at home you’ll feel it when you’re trying to sleep, your runs will feel harder and even when you get home it’ll take a little more time to readjust.

That’s it from me, hopefully others that have to train while traveling will share their ideas.


One comment

  1. Hi — just noticed your blog post. Great tips. Gmaps Pedometer is definitely a handy tool, although can be a bit misleading if you’re in a super hilly city such as San Francisco. Still good though.

    Also would like to give shout out to my company, City Running Tours ( as an alternative to running on your own. We can show you and your friends the town and run at whatever pace is best for you.

    Keep up the great work with the blog though. We’ll keep reading! Best — Karl

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