Struggling to find purpose but I’ll give it a go again

I started this blog with a lot of excitement, as do many people, but haven’t managed to post very regularly. All the regular bloggers in the world will of course think of course, lots of people try and blog but it takes a lot of effort. My personal running blog is much easier for me to manage this blog poses a few challenges. The biggest one is that most of what I work on in the LabVIEW R&D team I can’t really talk about yet, it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s challenging but alas not all publicly discussable. After NI-Week this year when we plan to preview some of these technologies and kick off some pioneer programs to gather feedback on the ideas and user experiences I should be able to be much more open … I can’t wait!

Until then I think I’ll start posting about some of the things I’ve been learning lately, some related to what I’m working on and others are areas of interest I’m spending time on to improve my knowledge in general about the types of applications and challenges LabVIEW developers face. My latest role at NI has me in the LabVIEW R&D team focusing more on our Real-Time, FPGA and web connectivity areas so I’ll start there. Coming up will be a few posts on timing and synchronization in LabVIEW FPGA and DSP (digital signal processing) using LabVIEW FPGA. Bear with me as I spew out my understanding on some pretty random topics as I find purpose and direction for this blog.


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