Humility and learning to survive on a long run

Today’s 22 mile long run was not easy by any means, it was slow but not easy. Last week after our long run Steve was ragging on us for using the word slow run, reminding us that in our base building we’re all running easy not slow. Well today, there was no easy no matter what pace I tried to run … so it was just plain old slow. I’ll go into a little more on the run but before I do I have to thank Mus, Damon, Ramon, Andrew and Ken for keeping me alive on today’s run. If they weren’t running in front of me today I would have walked a lot of the run today.

We started at 5:30 and I forgot my electrolyte pills and sun glasses at the Rogue Annex so I ran back right as we started to grab both. The guys were a little under a quarter mile ahead of me and I never really caught up for a while. After a mile it was obvious to me today would be a tough run, I was drenched with sweat and knew I’d need to hydrate well and would make use of the extra thermolyte pills I packed in case it was hot. Just when I’d have the guys in sight I’d see a water fountain and take a quick drink. Between Rogue and the the Mopac Foot Bridge I stopped twice for water, when we got to the water at the Mopac Foot Bridge I finally caught up with the guys since they stopped for water. That was the first of 2 thermolyte pills from a set of 4. I figured I should just take them now and plan on 2 every 40 or so minutes so I would absorb any water I took in well. The run was a pretty standard up Lake Austin Blvd, then Scenic, Mount Bonnel, Balcones to Hancock … on the way back taking Pecos. I could never really keep up with the guys, I tended to fall of the back on each section after the water stop, catch up at the water stop and then off we’d go again. I’d set my mind on just running today based on effort, not closing or pushing and was glad I did otherwise it would have been a disappointing run. I’m not sure I could have pushed even if I wanted to … and if the price I’d pay the rest of the weekend or week would be worth it.

The temperature wasn’t to bad, under 80 degrees but the humidity was rough. This is for me the first true summer weather run and it’ll take a few of these to get acclimatized so in 2 weeks I hope a run like today’s isn’t as … well death marchish mentally. It was good run to realize that there is only so much you can control and just chugging along with what you can do on any given do is all you can ask.

Thanks again for the run folks.

Current Wins: First 22 mile run of the season, work trip to Berkeley

Current Losses: Humdity, little to no cooking


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  1. You are absolutely correct. It was tough out there and I only went 18, though I did have a bout with Mt. Bonnel. Like you, I knew it was going to be a bad run before the end of mile 1. I brought thermolytes, taking two before the run and two an hour in. Also had one GU. I’ve gotta learn to take it easy when the weather is this crazy with the humidity.

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